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Tuff Kitty for President!

If you think the current choices for President of the United States suck, you still have another option. Vote for me and get our nation's litter box cleaned out!

I promise to ban all dogs from entering the country. I'll build a wall and make the American Kennel Club pay for it! I promise to never cover up my bad comb over with a dumb hat.

I will NEVER be seen in an ugly pant suit, and I promise not to keep classified emails on my private server... really...I don't even know how that works digitally.

Ask Tuff Kitty

Got a question? Need advice? Just ask me. The answer you get is guaranteed to be irreverent and might even be helpful. I will answer anything from food and health advice to politics to help with your love life. Just ask!

talk to the paw

Tuff Kitty Recipies

I'll be posting great cat food and treat recipes for humans that like to cook for their cats. As it should be slaves!

Tuff Kitty Series - Tuna Pie
Funny Cat Photos

Yep I know you all love to look at cats doing funny weird things. To us cats it's just normal... but if you like looking at them here ya go. If you want to see some of your own funny cat pictures posted here just send them to me at Maybe I'll post them.