Does your cat kick litter everywhere?

This is a common problem for the humans who are owned by cats. Most likely your cat is trying to tell you to clean the litter box. You wouldn’t want to walk around barefoot in a dirty litter box and neither does a cat. Cats are very clean creatures and try to cover up their smell by covering up the pee or poo with litter. If the litter is clean,… Read More »

Cat Potty Training – How to train your cat to use the toilet.

Cat Potty Training – How to Train a Cat to Use The Toilet… by Tuff Kitty Ok fellow cats …. so you want to go in the toilet instead of a litter box. Good idea! Because if you ask me,  I think that’s what we cats should be doing anyway.  I mean REALLY…. who wants to poop in a box full of sand? Plus our human slaves never keep the… Read More »

Holidays all ready?

OMG… more crap to buy. Better get going.