Does your cat kick litter everywhere?

By | March 24, 2014

litterboxThis is a common problem for the humans who are owned by cats.

Most likely your cat is trying to tell you to clean the litter box. You wouldn’t want to walk around barefoot in a dirty litter box and neither does a cat. Cats are very clean creatures and try to cover up their smell by covering up the pee or poo with litter.

If the litter is clean, this task will be easier and result in less kicking up of litter which ends up outside box.

Some cats are just more frisky in litter duties. You might try a litter box with higher sides or even a cover to contain the litter.
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Some people have tried using recycled shredded newsprint for litter. This seems to help with the problem of litter being tracked outside the box, but must be cleaned almost immediately after use to avoid odors.

Another solutions to litter being kicked or tracked outside the box is to place a mat outside the box to catch stray litter as your kitty steps out.
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Some cats don’t like scented litter. All that kicking and scratching may be an attempt to cover up the smell. Try an unscented, natural litter. Excessive kicking and scratching can also be a territorial issue if you have more than one cat or another pet. Placing an additional litter box in another place in the house may help kitty to feel more secure.
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