Cat Potty Training – How to train your cat to use the toilet.

By | October 28, 2013

pinkbubble_biggerCat Potty Training – How to Train a Cat to Use The Toilet… by Tuff Kitty

Ok fellow cats …. so you want to go in the toilet instead of a litter box. Good idea! Because if you ask me,  I think that’s what we cats should be doing anyway.  I mean REALLY…. who wants to poop in a box full of sand? Plus our human slaves never keep the box clean and then they wonder why we cats end up pooping in their shoe! I finally trained my human to let me use the toilet instead of that box of sand and you can too. Here’s how.

What your human will need:


First a word on the myth of “training a cat”. We all know that it’s actually us cats who are training the humans.  But they need to feel special so go ahead and let them think what they want.

Step 1: Go Slow

Humans don’t adapt well to change so go easy on them with this.

  • First they will need to move the litter box into the bathroom near the toilet. This will help them to associate the toilet with what we do in the litter box.
  • Once your human has become used to this, then they will need to raise the height of the litter box a couple of inches every few days until the box and the toilet are the same height.  At this point the human may become confused and attempt to use your litter box for her potty duties instead of the toilet, but we all know you have to be patient with humans.

Step 2: Using the CitiKitty Training Kit 


Introduce your human to the CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit.

She will probably get all worried and decide to read the directions first, but trust me, it’s not complicated, so even your human will be able to figure it out.  The kit has a series of consecutively smaller rings which get filled with litter. About once a week your human will replace a ring with the next size ring until there is no litter at all, and you are doing your business directly in the toilet. And THAT my fellow cats is the goal!

  • Your human will place the first CitiKitty Training Ring on the toilet and fill it with flushable litter. (Make sure your human remembers to use the flushable kind!) At this point the litter box can be ditched and you can start doing your business in the litter that is in the CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training ring. But remember, humans get rattled by change, so your slave might be more comfortable if you leave the litter box next to the toilet ’till they get used to the idea. Hopefully your human will be smart enough to set the training ring aside before doing THEIR business!
  • Once your human sees that you’re are going on the training litter seat instead of the litter box, have her  remove the first ring in the training seat. After your human sees that you are still using the toilet, she can remove Ring Two.
  • Remember, go slow with this…humans don’t adapt as quickly as we cats do.  But approximately once a week, another ring can be removed until you are going right in the toilet without a ring of litter at all.
  • If your human is more of a visual learner, have him watch this:

Step 3:

  • Continue removing one ring a week until your human has adapted to the final ring.
  • If at any point your human slave gets freaked out and thinks you still need litter, he can alway back-up a few steps and put the CitiKitty Training Insert on the toilet.
  • Once all the rings are removed from the training seat give your human a few days to adapt and then remove CitiKitty Training Seat from the toilet.



Congratulations! You have successfully taught your human the right way for cats to use the toilet!