Meet Tuff Kitty’s Human…

kim with paintings profile 2

Hi! I’m Kimberly…

It all  started with a scrappy black cat that I once had that I named Tuff Kitty… and for good reasons. This was a cat with an attitude that only a cat lover could appreciate. Tuff Kitty was totally disrespectful of authority, picky about food, and every morning would raise a howl if I didn’t immediately open the door. “I gotta go out and kick some dog butt!”  Tuff Kitty hated dogs and thought they should all be neutered. But even so, I could not resist loving this character.

With an art background, I thought it would be fun to paint some pictures illustrating Tuff Kitty’s smart ass attitude and opinions from everything from dogs to politics. To my surprise folks actually wanted to collect them. So I started a website offering them as printed posters and other merchandise.  And so was born. Here you will find Tuff Kitty’s advice on such subjects as cat health care, selecting right cat foods, some of Tuff Kitty’s favorite treat recipes, along with cartoons and irreverent musings.

The original cat has since gone over the rainbow bridge, but the spirit and attitude is here to share with you.

Please enjoy this site and know that Tuff Kitty will always give you the straight scoop!


Kimberly Carol